Company Profile
Contegiacomo and Associates - Architects was officially established in New York City, in 1996 by Thomas Contegiacomo. Since its inception, the company has designed and built several outstanding examples of architecture and interiors that reflect its unique vision, mixing art with science and technology to produce intriguing cultural experiences and architectural designs.

The company was conceived as a consulting design firm, established to meet the growing and changing needs of its clients. From design services and feasibility studies to production, construction and facilities management, we are consistently exploring new and innovative ways to work efficiently with our clients. We are experienced and familiar with state of the art, technologically advanced facilities such as financial institutions and entertainment companies and can finesse a project with an eloquent sense of design and detail for more particular projects such as residential work, retail and product design.

The firm is fascinated with state of the art technology and is committed to exploring the impacts of architecture on nature and how nature influences our built environment. Form is the function of in-depth analysis based on client needs and expectations. Through internal dialogue we determine the essence of a project, which becomes the seed information critical to the project development. Social, economical and psychological implications of the architecture on its inhabitants are carefully considered.

Firm resources and inspirations range from technical books on engineering to anatomical and medical textbooks of the human body, and organic structures in nature. Concepts learned in biotechnology, physiology, astronomy and the broad range of arts and sciences play a critical role of our project development.

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