Select Exhibitions
2005- “New Energies”. DopDop Salon, SOHO, New York, NY.
- “Night of 1000 Drawings”, Artists Space, SOHO, New York, NY.
- “Afordable Art Fair”, New York, NY
2004 - “The New Black”. RVS Fine Art, Southampton, NY.
- “Involution”. M.Y. Art Prospects, Chelsea, New York, NY.
- “The Eco-Center Exhibition” Busan City Hall, Busan Korea.
2003 - High Line Competition, Jury Selection Winner, Grand Central Station, New York, NY.1995 - Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, CA.
- Coach Gallery, Easthampton, NY.
1993 -James Goodman Gallery, Southampton, NY.1992 - Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, CA.
- Fin-De-Siecle Artists Exhibition, the Lever House, New York, NY.
1991 - Gallery Art 54, SOHO, New York, NY.
- Ward Lawrence Gallery, New York, NY.
1990 - Ariel Gallery, SOHO, New York, NY.1989 - Parsons Gallery, New York, NY.1976 - Disney Theme Show, Paterson, NJ
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